Robert has been a Countertenor soloist since the age of 17. He has performed with choirs and as a soloist for BBC Radio broadcasts, CD recordings, television broadcasts, full scale orchestral concerts and solo recitals.

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Superb ensemble singing…The four soloists and chorus nicely capture the whimsical quality of the piece under Graham Ross, who has trained the choir with its impeccable ensemble.
Gramophone, 2012 (Clare College Choir; Imogen Holst Choral Works)

Pride of place though goes to counter-tenor Robert Cross, who played David. Truth be told, I didn’t know a counter-tenor from a counter-terrorist before the concert, so when he stood up, playing the noble warrior, young and bearded and with a touch of Gerard Butler from the film 300 (about the Spartans), his voice came as a wonderful surprise, making the most of the high ceilings. The scene with him denouncing the Amalekite who put Saul to death gave him the opportunity to display his emotional range.
13th October, 2012 ~ Handel’s Saul ~ St Botolph’s Church, Colchester.

The soloists were exceptional. Ex- Head Chorister of Ely Cathedral, Robert Cross (countertenor), was another phenomenal performer, his strong, wholesomely-coloured tones heightening the extreme passion of his contributions.
27th March, 2010 ~ St Matthew Passion ~ Ely Cathedral

Countertenor Robert Cross, as Samson’s friend Micah, was elegant of voice and beautifully pointed in his phrasing, all the time effortlessly projecting and enunciating. So fine was he, in fact, that I would have welcomed some of his omitted arias such as O Mirror of our Fickle State.
22nd September, 2007 ~ Handel’s Samson ~ Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell, Auckland.

Counter-tenor Robert Cross was always highly polished.
28th April 2007 ~ Handel’s Messiah ~ Wellington Town Hall, NZ.

Robert’s voice possesses a purity of sound and a beauty of tone that even coped with a P.A. system used so that the 1200+ audience could hear what was going on. The music of Gluck is not always accessible to the modern ear, especially when sung in the original Italian, but Robert was able to bring it to life and even those unaccustomed to the style of music and also the counter-tenor voice itself, cannot fail to have been impressed.
17th June 2006 ~ Music In The Park 2006 ~ Chippenham Park, Nr. Newmarket, Cambridgeshire.

In Bach’s “Ascension Oratorio” BWV11: Praise God In His Splendour – Robert Cross (countertenor) gave real credit to his previous training as an Ely Cathedral chorister. His more maturely developed voice charged with emotional potency made his singing one of the most memorable parts of the evening.
6th May 2005 ~ Ascension Day Concert ~ Ely Cathedral